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    Thinking of getting a used 360 and hopefully get it modded, but I don`t know where to start. Is there a certain model/version I should look for (1st, 2nd generation, core, elite, 20GB, dashboard, etc..) that would guarantee it can be modded? Not planning on going on line with it. Please don`t reply with an answer of buy one thats already modded.
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    Every original style 360 can be modded, some slims can be modded too and some are even easier than some of the later liteons from the original 360 but they are a more risky proposition. It went more as time of manufacture than any model/SKU (should be on the back of the 360).

    From about April 2008 it was the liteon of various flavours with various methods required to mod it over the largely all software (and compatible sata card) methods that came before it. Second hand 360s can be done but most people around here do not suggest getting one that old or older owing to the somewhat increased risk of RRoD.

    If you somehow manage to find one that has not been updated since August 11th 2009 (and was not made/in a repair shop the month before) you can do a JTAG hack which is far nicer than a simple DVD drive hack but they are very rare these days (not to mention most people who know 360 modding will know this and pay extra for such a machine assuming it is not too old).

    I know you said not to say it but it looks like MS is gearing up for a ban wave at some point in the coming months (although it might be considerable nearer Christmas) so you might well be able to score a cheap one as people offload their now banned (and modded) 360s. This being said the last go around saw many people keep their banned 360 rather than trying to offload them.
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    I forgot
    I know someone who will mod your xbox for you. He's very dependable and honest and doesn't charge to much for a basic mod. It'll cost $20 for a DVD flash for non slim 360s and $65 for slim. Or you can get a JTAG AND a flashed DVD drive for $65. The only problem is I don't know if he'll ship to Canada. Send me a PM and I'll send you his email if you're interested.