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    OP 1167 Newbie

    Apr 5, 2018
    United States
    Hello Everyone, I am new to this whole soldering scene for consoles.
    I recently picked up an AGS-001 GB SP (I also have picked up a broken screened GB SP) and today I have two questions,
    What has drawn me to this site is THIS (Can't hyperlink because I am new) Thread.
    After careful review I am wondering if I am missing anything towards what I need to obtain and do to convert my AGS-001 to an AGS-101

    This is not a CERTAIN instruction to AGS-101, I am just as confused as anyone who is questioning how to convert a AGS-001 to AGS-101, this is just asking the questions and attempting to summarize the current guide.

    1/ "Purchasing The Goods"
    A summery of what I think I need
    a "Backlit SP LCD (101) LED driver board"
    Found Here
    a "12V Step-Up Voltage Regulator"
    Found Here
    Do I need an AGS 101 screen and if so what pin version do I get and where?

    2/ "The Tough Stuff"

    A. Depending on which board I have "C/AGS-CPU-10" Or "C/AGS-CPU-01" I have to CUT into the trace UNDER the display connector.
    B. I have to solder a wire to the pin furthest to the left on the display connector then to "VR23"
    C. If I purchase the 12V step-Up Converter Regulator I need to solder "C1" To "VIN" On the converter, "GND" In between "78" and "79", then solder "Vout" Just above "25"

    3/ "Clean Up"
    A. Wrap the step up converter in electrical tape
    B. Cut plastic to make room for the converter

    4/ "The End"
    Did I correctly describe what to do? If I am missing anything or need to correct the instructions let me know.

    Extra Questions
    Where can I purchase an AGS-001 screen for the GB SP I have with a busted screen? Thank you!

    Thank you kindly!

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