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    Oct 16, 2006
    PictoDS, the PC tool to convert comic books (or other documents) for ComicBookDS has been updated by Nicom00K.

    The changes since last version are :
    * New: Pictods now runs on Linux and Mac.
    * New: Possibilty to link PictoDS to your prefered PDF to JPG software (new command line available in "Path" dialog box).
    * New: In command lines ("Path" dialog box) it was just possible to specify the executable to use. That was annoying if you wanted to add an extra option, so now you can use %filename and %outputdirectoryname and enter the exact command line you want (see to have an example).
    * New: Possibility to change the software to browse the output directory (command line option in 'Path' dialog). Usefull for linux and Mac users or if you don't like the default Windows explorer.
    * New: Possibility to use PictoDS through a command line. Go to 'lib' directory. Enter java -cp org.pictods.jar org.pictods.Pictods. Read the help.
    * Change: File extension is not added in the image names after conversion anymore.
    * Change: ComicBookDS.ini file is now only generated when the generate button is pressed.
    * Change: Output directory has been renamed from 'nds' to 'cbds'.


    This new version (numbered V2.1) can be downloaded here :

    The structure of the web site has been updated and now, all the ComicBookDS related content will be available at
    ComicBookDS and PictoDS will now be released separately.
    For information, a new version of ComicBookDS should be available in a few days (the main changes will be WIFI connexion for book reading and theme support)