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    I just got a Netflix Wii disc yesterday and I activated it under my dad's Netflix account. When i went to go browse, 90% of the movies were R and movies I've never heard of in my life. My dad gets 2 DVDs every other day and a majority of them are adult movies while others come in for my and my sister. Is this why all my Netflix Wii movies are rated R? I know my dad's password for his Netflix account, is there any way I change the content displayed on Netflix Wii?

    I really like the Netflix Wii interface and so I plan to watch movies using it but I can't do that if 90% of the movies displayed are rated R and Netflix monitors that and displays it on my dad's Netflix account. So he''ll know which movies I watch and which ones I don't.
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    Just log onto netflix thru the computer and add the movies you want to watch to the instant view queue and then watch those ones on the wii.
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    Yep, I agree it's much faster to search for the ones you like online and add to instant queue, then watch on your wii. That way you don't have to scroll through hundreds of movies/shows on the wii to find the ones you like.