NES ROMS through USBLoader GX

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    Mar 23, 2017
    I was wondering if it's possible to launch NES ROMS through USBLoader GX.

    I've google for a little but I can't find anything.
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    there's a modification to the offiial USBLoaderGX project which supports plugins.

    Plugin system is a way to boot any other homebrew and sent a file as argument.
    example :
    You can make USBLoaderGX list all .nes files from a /roms/NES/ folder
    when you select one of these game, it will launch the NES emulator you specified in a config file for .nes files, and tell the emulator which game you selected so it can boot it automatically.

    There is a link to this plugin mod in USBLoaderGX main thread. it's near the end (20 last pages, maybe?)
    It's posted and created by Fledge68, you can make a search with his name in the thread.

    Did the search for you :
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