Nephew hacked his wii,

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    Ok so my nephew and I both bought launch wii's at the exact same time. Mine was continuously updated with the newest versions of HBC and a few wads here and there. My nephew did not have internet access at home. Every time his needed to be updated, he brought it to me.

    About a year ago, he told me his console was broken. He said it would not load discs and it freezes when he tries to load installed titles. I bought the wii from him and it sat in my garage in a box until now. I started it up and he was right. It won't load any installed titles. Also, the drive is definitely dead. It won't even pull the disc in. What I also noticed is that the icon for the HBC is now missing from his channels. I'm guessing that he must have tried to install an update that screwed something up.

    Is there a way to fix this? This is a launch wii and according to the settings menu it is currently on fw 3.0. Remember now, the drive is currently dead as well. I would like to at least get the system menu operating before I consider buying a new drive for it. Or heck if I can get the system menu operating, I can install a newer HBC and buy myself a new ext. drive and just load from there instead. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jim.

    Funny, I titled it jacked not hacked. Maybe auto correct changed it and I didn't notice?
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    What region does it say it is? Totally dead is odd but a lot of things happen if you region swap badly.

    Also if you have launch wiis then drives are not tied to a wii so you should be able to swap around with yours if you just need to read a game once to boot into a hack. Most people pretty much went all USB, all the time, maybe also with a dalliance with SD cards but definitely no discs.
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    If you can access the System Menu you should try to update to last FW and softmod with ModMii or the app of your choice, forget about the Disc Drive go with a EXT HDD and USBLoader GX.

    Just update with Wifi you don't need a game at all, for softmodding just use LetterBomb in 4.3X (X is your Wii Region) and you're ready to go,