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    Introducing a super happy neon platforming adventure game, that'll keep you playing for ages!

    Freeware for Windows, Linux and MacOSX.

    Good old fashioned "run right" mechanics.
    Bucketloads of bad guys.
    Weapons to throw.
    Powerups galore.
    and a calendar..

    NeonPlat Adventures : The Website

    The Calendar

    I love a good Mario adventure as much as the next guy, but those stupid Map screens are a bag of crap.
    If you play them like I do, you'll play through the game once, then go back and play your favourite 3 levels over and over until you can't be bothered anymore.
    Instead, in this game, you get 4 levels, one after the other, and a scoreboard/graph to tell you if you've doing better or worse.
    And once you've done those 4 levels to death, you pick a different day and get a completely different 4 levels.
    The Calendar system of level picking gives you hundreds/thousands of days to choose from. Every day, up until today, and then a new set of levels each and every day.
    Each day with it's own little scoreboard and graph, and a little neonplat mark on the calendar for each level you manage to complete.
    Pick a day, get 4 levels, try to complete, rinse and repeat.

    NeonPlat Adventures : The Website

    (This first, iOS second, DS homebrew later.. busy busy busy!!)
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