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    Im sitting here staring at my loose 1600 wii points in the VC shop and Im thinking, "wheres the Neo Geo games I was promised for the summer?"
    Not that I cant just emulate them on the PC real easy, but I was kinda looking forward to a nice street fighter replacment. Since all the VC collection has is the lowerd down SNES ones anyway.

    So ya, weren't they gonna release Neo Geo games for the VC shop already?
    Ive been looking around and theres not much info on it besides the initial statement.

    Im assuming the plans got postponed or something. Though technicly its still summer and they still have time. (though its actually raining here O-o; Not used to rain in july.)

    With a few games each monday and WiiWare not coming till next year, the wait is just killing me to have some game content I dont already have as a cartridge.
    Not to mention the idea of having newly made retro titles still kinda floating in the air like a rumor.
    Though maybe they were refering to making Wiiware titles instead of brand new games to be emulated.

    Anyway, anyone else looking forward to NeoGeo games on the VC shop?
  2. legendofphil

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    The "date" that was indicated was mid-Summer, which is still a few weeks off.
    Not sure what its going to be like with the on-board memory restrictions, although the largest game is 330MB.

  3. The Teej

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    They're probably still working on a better archiving method, lol
  4. Hadrian

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    There was an interview a few months back with someone from SNK and they stated that memory won't be a problem as at the moment they don't plan on putting out the bigger titles like King of Fighters, Art of Fighting or Metal Slug for quite some time. Instead they're planning on putting out the smaller titles. He also said something about them being able to compress the games so they are smaller. The plan is to release 24 titles in all with 2 per month at a price that will be higher than SNES titles

    Some smaller titles that I reckon they'll bring to VC: Neo Mr. Do!, Puzzle Bobble, Fatal Fury, Soccer Brawl, Neo Bomberman, Neo Turf Masters. They come in at around 3-10mb in (In ROM form that is, but seeing as VC titles seem to be emulated I guess thats what they'll use), theres a lot more NG classics that are around that size. That'll do for me as they are all classics but I don't think I'll pay THAT much points for them.