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Jan 29, 2008
Hi, i have a WII 4.2E HARDMODDED, HBC installed with BannerBomb and BootMii on IOS/boot2.

I used the Safe 4.2 Updater by Zektor to update my WII.
I can play all the backups, but i want to SoftMod my WII and use WiiFlow.
I read a lot and i think i need to follow these steps to start to unlock my WII.

1) ***If you are on 4.2 already, you must use this Trucha Bug Restorer MOD instead of the original, but otherwise it works in the same way. Actually the link in the title has a link to download TBR 1.1 form WiiPower himself which works for 4.2 as well so you can just use that.***

And i'll follow these video and this link.

2) ***For 4.2 users, before you install a cIOS, you must remove the stubs installed over their IOS slots by 4.2 by using AnyTitle Deleter DB or AnyTitle Deleter MOD to delete IOS 222, 223, 249, and 250 USING IOS36 to do it after applying all of the patches to IOS36 with the TBR MOD. Then you may continue to install your cIOS as usual.***

3) Intall cIOS rev14? or 15?

.... Now i have a couple of questions.
- Is not dangerous to delete IOS222,223,249 and 250? I read to never delete any IOS.
- The TruchaBR Mod and the cIOS goes in conflict with the future updates by Nintendo? I mean they could brick my wii? Because i read that they don't touch the "core" ios of the WII, is that right?
- And now that the cIOS rev15 is out, should i install it or not?

Really thanks

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