Need some help with GC Backup

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    Aug 2, 2014
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    Hi guys,

    I have a wii from when they first came out. It got modded a few years ago with a DC2KEY modchip which generally runs most games fine that ive tried just straight off the disc channel. However im having trouble with 2 Gamecube backups being Rogue Squadron 2 and 3. Ive set them up in a multiiso disc with Ive spent the last 2 nights attempting to get these to run with mixed success, now they run fine off the original copies fine and ive tried both Gamecube Backup Launcher 0.2 and NeoGammaR9beta56. I have a PAL wii and ive managed to get Rogue Squadron 2 working only via NeoGammaR9beta56 by setting Gamecube Mode to MIOS and Video Mode to Force Wii and just auto loading however Rogue Squadron 2 no matter what settings I try. It loads the opening of the game and then just goes straight to a black screen

    Could anyone please give me tips on what I could look at to get this working? Ive been looking everywhere and I must be missing a important step

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    Jul 25, 2014
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    dunno how that modchip works really, do you have a homebrew channel and everything? anyway ill just assume your wii is modded like everyone elses. ive gone through days and days of trials with gamecube games on wii. from my experience ive had much success with a combination of the latest Dios Mios version 2.11 and Configurable USB Loader. one of the modded revision versions cause i believe the regular versions dont have Dios Mios support. also it wouldnt hurt to get the gamecube iso tool from the guy who made the wii backup manager. gamecumbe iso tool just open an iso and extract it in discex format to your usb:/games folder. then in CFG USB Loader make sure GC games are visible and in the loader settings force NTSC for PAL game (or visa versa if you have a PAL wii/TV). if the game is of the same region as your wii/tv then keep everything at auto. also you probably want NMM on. this is a memory card emulator. try it all out, id be surprised if it didnt work

    link to gamecube iso tool:
    link to dios mios 2.11:
    link to dios miso LITE (if your running from SD):
    link to a good version of CFG USB LOADER: