Need modded MW3 save

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    Jan 3, 2015
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    As of now, I do not have a computer, and I was wondering if someone could no my MW3 Splitscreen savegame for me. It may sound like much, but I would do the same if asked.
    Here is a tutorial on how to do it:
    The description has the save editor, as well as a savegame. I would like you to mod my save though. Link for my save:
    Wishes for the save:
    Everything unlocked (all accolade's, all prestige tokens, prestige 20, etc.)
    Colored classes, and I would like the classes to be named "Do You Even Mod Bro" (so class 1 would be 'Do', class 2 would be 'You', etc.). Colored classes are explained in the tut. Idfc what's in the classes.
    That's pretty much it. Thank you!