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Discussion in 'Supercard' started by ranmafan, May 31, 2011.

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    Hello everyone..I am pretty new at this whole thing..I had help before setting up the ds games and the gba games and all that. I'm having two problems..Problem one is I can't figure out how to imput action replay codes..I found a usercheat.dat file but i have no clue where to put it..supposedly i heard you can use something called r4cce to add in cheats but when i tried to open it it said i needed some R4chinese.dll thingy..My second problem is that while I do have gba games and they do play..for some reason they never save..I save and it says i saved it..but when i shut it off and turn it back on the saved game is gone and i'd have to start all over again..someone please help me? I'm really new at this..
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    Put usrcheat.dat in the _dstwo folder

    You have the exit the gba emulator before turning off your ds for the save to actually... save

    Check out the beginner's guide sticky, both of these questions and many more are in there