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    Apr 26, 2007
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    I'm using ncard with the latest firmwear .
    today I wanted to change some games
    so I deleted some games and copied new games but
    error saying that I had no empty space ..??
    in the folder the games I deleted wasn't there but the storage space
    was still the same... I turn off the ds and wen in to the menu
    and the files I deleted was still in the cart ..but the file names was changed to
    Df41.nds...something like this...
    I had problems like this befor .. so I did the same as befor.. format .
    I formated and reinstall the f/w and so on..
    but when I install the f/w and restart and in the folder I delet the f/w nds file
    and copied the game and restart.. and
    the f/w file was still there but the file name df41.nds ?..
    so I re formated and install the f/w and delet the f/w nds file and
    in the folder a recycle folder was created and inside that folder the df41.nds file was in there
    then I went back to the main folder and the recycle folder was gone.
    but still when I go in to the menu the file is still there and the stoage space was the same..
    I been formatting and install over and over
    could someone help please ..!!
    the deleted file won't delete ! looks deleted but when I check the storage space its still the same/..
    I tried quick format and long format...
    and still still same...could someone help~~~~ please!!!