need help with HG sav file

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    Mar 20, 2010
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    i was messing around with my HG .sav file today and forgot to back it up (yes stupid i know dont flame me for this) and now my r4 card doesnt recognize it anymore. When i open it with pokesav everything is still there all the pokemon in my party is still there it's just that my game just load as if there is no sav data. I dont really want to start over so if anyone has an english .sav file that is before the e4 (7th/8th gym is fine) that want to share id appreciate it =). I just got my 8th gym badge today and just got ho oh -.- so if anyone has a .sav file around there that wana give it to me id love u for it ^^. Soulsilver savs are fine too. Im using jap rom with english sav (using Ryqib12 translation v1.5 or whatver his name was)
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    Mar 22, 2010
    ok i will try to help you, the thing is that im from mexico and my english it not very good . but i'll try

    you dont need other sav. file , the one you have its fine you only need to make it compatible with your flash card

    and i know a page that can do that easily (i give you the link in a PM )

    all you need to do is, load your save file to the page , then you choose your Source format (i recommend you to choose the NO$GBA option) and your Target format (ttds,r4,super card) and click on the " convert" button

    wait a few seconds and save your sav. file that should be compatible with your flash card

    try this and if you have any problem tell me