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    I have a WD Blue WD10JPVX 1TB 5400 RPM 8MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 2.5" Internal Notebook Hard DriveBare Drive that broke down and I am going to get it replaced but i have to transfer all of my old data somewhere else. What is the name of the device that will let me store or transfer data from my old hard drive to somewhere else until i get the drive replaced? any recommendations?
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    What kind of faults are we talking here? There is no specific device for recovering files from a damaged drive.

    * If the drive was busted because of failed logic board then you must buy a matching replacement board.
    * If it failed because of failed motor or drive head then you must buy corresponding parts to replace them (or buy tools to transplant platter to another working identical drive).
    * If the extreme, that platter was damaged, then only professional help can do you good here (which costs hundred to thousands of dollars).
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