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    Oct 8, 2018
    hey guys I crash in sxos and can't enter rcm anymore.. been using SXOS for a while now, but wanted higher firmware so i did a nand restore.

    Use Hekate to boot into cfw to install choiDujourNX, from clean restore 3.02 to 5.1.0 exfat
    then boot into SXOS to load some XCI games.. working for 1 day, no problem..
    Try one new XCI game, it crash on launch.. now screen stay off.. cannot enter RCM mode, android or pc
    try everything, hold off button for 15-20 sec.. use jig,

    any help or suggestion would be great.. heard some people took the switch apart and unplug the emmc chip to enter rcm.. feel abit scared about that and probably only as last resort.

    thankyou.. feel stupid abit

    update- fixed
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