Need help finding specific motherboard part

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    Long story short, I bought a modded Nintendo Switch on eBay. I didn't realize the connector that held the power cable and the motherboard together was completely broken off until the buttons stopped working and I was out of my eBay protection period.

    I'm not experienced with Soldering, but I really need to fix this Switch, but I can't find a part/way to reconnect this cable. Maybe one of you may know what it is.

    This is what it looks like after much cleaning:
    Green Joy-Con D-Pad Shells for Nintendo Switch

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Think this is it, but I have no idea for sure really. Be sure to pay extra for a non-terrible shipping option, Yanwen are glacially slow.
    Can't post links but it's "/item/32976982364.html" or "/item/32979839850.html" on AliExpress
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    Even if you can get the part, and bearing in mind you said that you're not experienced with soldering, I would advise that you find a professional repair shop to fix this. The connector is not only tiny but so are the pins, and the plastic housing melts relatively easily. It's definitely a job for somebody who is very experienced with doing this kind of work (and who also has the correct equipment, including a good microscope). iPhone/Smartphone repairers for example should be able to handle it, but find one that is good and reliable.

    Failing that, your best bet is to sell the Switch as faulty and buy another with the funds.
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