Need help deciding on the right exploit for me

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    Hello, I'm having trouble picking the right exploit, or right way to run it, for what I want to achieve. I've read a number of topics about sys/emunand but I'm still not sure whats right for what I want to do, maybe its too much information to take in at 1am and the fact that I have a headcold. I have a fresh unmodded 9.0 US NEW 3DS as well as a gateway and was originally going to use the exploit listed on gateway's website, however I was hoping there was a way to run the exploit without having to put my cubic ninja cart in every time. I somewhat understand how emunand and sysnand work, however not entirely certain on the capabilities of emunand such as the extent that I can use .cia's and regular DS games on.
    For example, could I put my 32gb microsd card inplace of the 3ds one, run the exploit off gateway and then install a cubic ninja .cia to the sys or emunand, and be able to launch the exploit without having to insert my cubic ninja cart again?

    I have a fresh, unmodded 9.0 US NEW 3DS + gateway + cubic ninja + 32gb kingston micro SDHC
    I want to play my 3DS games without having to swap carts, regular DS games too if possible

    /me dons flame-resistant suit
    Thank you for your time and assistance.
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    Until GW releases another exploit, either a physical Ocarina of Time or Cubic Ninja is required to get into GW mode. You can stay in GW mode indefinitely without needing either one of them again as long as you sleep your system instead of shutting it down

    There are theoretical ways of getting OOT installed to sysnand but they are difficult if they are even possible; I'm not sure if anyone has successfully done it yet
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    You are not the first to come up with this idea and will not be the last. Unfortunately at the present time this does not work. If you had a signed legit eshop copy of CN it probably would unfortunately Japan was the only region to have that and Nintendo pulled it of the eshop. You will also have to run a DS flashcart from from sysnand as they will not run in gateway mode.

    Lots of exciting things are happening in the scene right now so this may change in the future. In the mean time put up with a slight hastle and enjoy all the benefits of your gateway. It could be worse and you could have to run the browser exploit on the old 3ds.