Need advice about the best setup for my needs

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    Hi, Wii U hacking is going fast, so I'm a little out the loop about what new release actually do, I don't have too much free time to test everything so maybe you can help me to find the setup for me.

    I have haxchi already installed, just making it sure that I'm not missing another features.

    What I'm looking for:
    -A way to boot HIDtoVPAD directly when power on the console, a permanent hack would be ideal.
    -HBL from Home Menu.
    -A way to hack digital Wii releases on Wii U (legit eShop bought titles), stuff like setting video options (forcing 4:3, custom resolution, etc...), adding gamepad support to the titles which doesn't have... RE4)

    What I don't care about:
    -Wii U backups
    -VC injects (I'm good with RetroArch)
    -Permanent region free

    So, I'm good with normal haxchi? Or should go for coldboot Haxchi?
    I really like having the Homebrew stuff sandboxed and system files clean, instead having the home menu cluttered with hax0rs stuff, so HBL is enough for me.
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    I'd say just go for regular Haxchi if all you want is HBL. You should also use Mocha by Dimok and FTPiiU Everywhere for the Wii game hacking stuff.
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