NDS lite does not recognize M3i Zero

Discussion in 'M3 Adapter' started by Menschenhain, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. Menschenhain

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    Apr 23, 2011
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    Hi Tempers,

    When I installed the M3i Zero the first time everything worked fine: I copied the F_CORE.dat and the SYSTEM folder on my SD Card, put it into the adapter and this one with little USB-cable into PC, LED blinked and my NDS lite finally recognized the M3i Zero.

    Since around a week my NDS doesn't recognize the M3i anymore: After switching it on it just says "There is no DS Card inserted."

    I tried to insert the SD Card without deleting any files into another M3i Adapter (the one of my sister) - and it worked. So I think there's a problem with my Adapter, not the SD Card.

    Of course I tried to flash the M3i again with that F_CORE.dat-file, i reformatted the SD card (FAT32) and copied the SYSTEM folder again to SD Card. But everytime I try to flash the M3i by putting the USB-cable into the PC, the LED just glows permanently. It doesn't blink anymore, although I tried F_CORE.dat alone on SD Card root as well as F_CORE.dat plus SYSTEM folder as well as an older F_CORE.dat. The LED just shines continuously, without stopping!

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Fel

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    Maybe there are problems with the contact, try using her flashcart in your DS and see if it works.
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    The lack of blinking doesn't sound encouraging. Try flashing the card using a different USB cable connected to a different USB port and report your findings.
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    aight... i don't own an m3i but this is worth a try (I have an r4):
    Maybe its a contact issue? Try getting one of those air dusting blower things and using it 2 blow air on the contacts to clean em. also try putting a piece of paper under the board contacts on the m3 (paper trick) and see if the ds lite recognizes it. If that doesn't work, try it on another system such as a dsi or another ds lite. if it still doesn't work, we know its probably a broken m3
    *broken as in Bricked or Damaged*

    When did you buy it and where? Mabe its a faulty card.. U may need to get a refund
  5. Menschenhain

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    Apr 23, 2011
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    Hi and sorry for my late reply.

    I have bought it at this german shop here: Abbatronics. The shop was recommended in Gulli-Board and i'm quite sure that it isn't a fake, because they listed the characteristics of the fake-cards there too.

    It's quite unbelievable, but the DS truly recognized the card when i put a paper behind the adapter so that the contacts were pressed against each other. It shows the symbol with the Nemo fish, which is actually the symbol of this M3i adapter.
    Unfortunately, now theres still the problem that the adapter cannot be flashed correctly. Because the adapter is unflashed at the moment the DS shows a white screen after selecting the Nemo fish. The light still glows permanently when i plug it with the USB cable and the F_CORE.dat on SD-Card in the computer.
    Obviously there is a contact problem, but why can't i flash the adapter now? I fear it's still possible that it's broken and i have to get a refund now somehow.

    I'm grateful for more help.

    [EDIT] On my email the shop replied that they have been admonished by nintendo and aren't allowed to own any NDS-flashcards anymore. I think that means that i can't get a refund or at least my money now O.o
  6. scandal_uk

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    My DS lite doesn't recognize the M3i Zero, but my DSi does. I have a G6DS in my DS lite but that doesn't play the latest games (like pokemon black/white). I also have an M3DS which does, but my daughter has nicked that one, lol - they grow up too quick.

    I don't want to update my DSi unless I can get the M3i working on another DS, and I don't want to use it in my 3DS.

    Using paper to force the contacts sounds dodgy, I remember helping a friend get his flashcart back out of his DS when he did that!