Native Wii homebrew now a reality

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    Native Wii homebrew now a reality
    24C3 do the business
    The guys at 24C3 ("24th Annual Chaos Communication Congress") have announced that they have recently successfully "hacked" the Wii wide open by allowing custom code to run in native Wii mode (as opposed to Gamecube mode) which allows for full access to the Wii hardware such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc.

    They achieved this by using a custom serial interface to grab full memory dumps in which they managed to locate the encryption and decryption keys. These keys have allowed them to attach custom code to a Wii game backup which runs their homebrew in native Wii mode.

    You can watch the full Live unveiling at the Youtube link below. Follow the discussion thread link for more information.

    Congratulations to the guys at 24C3 for this milestone. Hopefully this is the beginning of some exciting developments and homebrew.

    [​IMG] 24C3 Wii homebrew unveiling (Youtube)
    [​IMG] Discussion Thread
    [​IMG] More information

    Thanks to hey_suburbia for the news.
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