N64 Gameshark v2.0 Question.

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    *Sorry if this is in the wrong section, this was the only place I found that seemed to fit with my question*

    Hi, I recently bought a N64 Gameshark v2.0. I was messing around with Super Mario 64, and decided to try out Zelda Ocarina of time, but then my N64 Gameshark wouldn't boot up. After trying Ocarina of Time, I put Super Mario 64 back in, and I could play that game normally again.

    When I was on the main menu of the Gameshark, I noticed pressing L&R at the same time brought up the key code menu, but I did not find one for Zelda.

    When I put my Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time cartridge with the Gameshark, the LED countdown flashes a small character and then doesn't do anything, and it doesn't turn on. Nothing turns on on my TV either.

    Also, will I have to add the codes manually? I don't see any Ocarina of Time codes pre-loaded in there.

    Extra Info:

    This is a functional Gameshark Cartridge.

    Help is much appreciated, I have not messed around with anything like this before! :)

    Thanks again.