N3ds Camera error and black screen issues.

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    Feb 7, 2016
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    Replaced the motherboard power board from previous issues..got the 3ds powered up....made some nand and while trying to use the camera for qr it gives me an error and tells me to restart.. guessing the camera is shot..but I really didn't need the camera since I could use the Web browser and manually enter the url to use browserhax. So I was content with being being without a camera. So I reformatted sysnand after downgrading and setting up rednand to unlink nands, and now I'm getting a black screen only. My guess was either something went goofy with the downgrade, or its black screening due to lack of camera that is needed during initial setup. I can get into recovery but I don't want to update to 11.0, and I am contemplating a hardmod to restore the previous nand. My question is: is the camere the more likely explanation for the black screen?

    **edit** moral of the story, make sure all ribbons are seated properly... all is well now.
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    I just randomly got this issue do you know where the ribbon sits?