n00b questions :P

Discussion in 'Wii U - Hacking & Backup Loaders' started by curley12, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. curley12

    curley12 Mr.Awesome

    Dec 24, 2012

    1.Whats the risks of softmodding vwii
    2. Wii U transfer - whats safe to keep on the wii and does installed VC's from wads get transferred from Wii
    3.Will i lose HBC from wii?
    4. Will the HBC copied to Wii U?
    5.Is the transfer checked by Big N?
    6.Is VC's from Wii also on Wii U Eshop?
    7.How to install HBC on vwii if not copied and works fine
    8.Can you install any CIOS on vwii for use with wiiflow?
    9.Does Wii U check inserted SD for illegal files on there?
    10.Does updating Wii U affect softmodded vwii?
    11.Is Wii U CIOS touchable from vwii mode?
    12. What is the current status of Wii U softmodding as i read something about WiiUDev team but couldnt find nothing on there wiki...

    Yeppp Title really does support my questions :P
  2. Goldfinder 9

    Goldfinder 9 Member

    Jan 18, 2015
    United States
    hiii! I will attempt to answer your questions.

    1. There is no risk of installing the hbc on vwii, or using homebrew apps that dont install anyhting to the system menu. There IS a RISK in installing wads, system menu hacks, priiloader, cios. Apps like homebrew browser, reggie dumper, riivolution 1.06, xmas countdown, brawl stats, nintendont ect. are ok and safe to use.

    2. the wii ---} qii u isd safe to perform with homebrew and (3.) will remain untouched on the wii. installed vc and ww dont transfer :( but the ones paid for do transfer.
    4. no it wont
    5. yes it is but big n only makes sure that installed vc and ww dont cross over.
    6. eshop versions of all sorts of old wii and new wii u are available and if the transfer is done, a discount will be placed on transfered wii games on eshop.
    7. youtube an exploit tutorial (smash stack, return of the jodi, indiana pwns work but letterbomb dont :(
    8. yes you can but it is HELLA RISKY and ui would advise NOT doing it.
    9. no xD
    10. not if only basic softmods are performed but is u try to modify anything orange according to this (https://gbatemp.net/threads/basic-dos-and-do-nots-of-vwii-modding.339337/page-6) it may brick the wii u update feature. so be careful.
    11. no and i wouldnt even try that
    12. well the homebrew community found some sort of bugaboo in internet browser but big n caught wind of it and patched it so that doesnt work anymore. there is also another bug to exploit in mk8 but i dont know musch abotu it. i dont even know if those are public yet.

    i hope i could help as i once had a million questions about this to.

    have a good day.
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