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Jan 24, 2008
Hey, havent been able to find one of thee that work for me so i figure others might be having the same problem.

[--------- Basic Installation--------]
[ 1.0 - So you baught an N-card]
[ -1.1 Setting it up ]
[ -1.2 Patching ]
[ -1.3 Do's and Dont's ]
[ -1.4 Troubleshooting ]

1.0 So you baught an N-card

Looks like your tired of lugging around your 15 game copys, that portable dvd player, ipod and DS. Well, good news, you can drop all that to just the DS!

With an N-card, your able to put back up'd copy's of your ROMS on it, Install an application called moonshell(we will cover this) to watch videos, listen to music and view text documents. All of this is relativly simple, but since not everyone fullly understands, we will give you a guide for each process of enabling your n-cards full capabilitys. If at the end, something doesnt work, Please check the troubleshooting included at the end of each process guide.

-1.1 Setting it up.

In 1.1 we will cover on how to set it up for your computer and DS+N-card to interact so you can transfer your files to your n-card.

1.Insert the n-card into the top game slot on the DS (here by refered as Slot-1, and the GBA slot is refered to as slot-2).

2. Insert the gba pack into the slot-2.

3. make sure your computer is on, then plug the usb connecter into your computer, and then into the GBA cartridge located in your slot - 2 device. Turn your DS on, select N-card and choose USB MODE

4. Windows might ask you how to deal with the drive, choose View in folder.

5. Simply copy your .nds files to the folder representing your n-card, and voila! you now have games on your N-card!

-1.2 Patching

In 1.2 we will cover patching your n-card so that its up to date and can play the latest games and access the newest features.

Link for latest patch as of 1/24/2008

***I AM NOT THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR OF THIS STEP, Kingofnoobs wrote this part***

1. Plug usb writer into your nds and hook it up till an empty usb slot on pc

2. HOLD A,B,L,R + Up on your nds to put the card into flash mode
(Screen will say USB SAFE BLOCK)

3. Windows will pick up a fireline device, card is ready to be formatted

4. Extract Contents of downloaded file to a folder

5. Double click NAND_ALL.BAT will will start the firmware flash

6. After a few seconds it will be done, switch of nds and switch back on holding A,B,L,R + DOWN to format the card,

7. Windows will auto recognize the card again as a mass storage device

8. Copy xmenu.dat from extracted folder to the root of your card.

9. Card will create DSYSTEM folder at bootup

10. DONE , Your MK5, Firelinker, Flashpass or whatever other clone you are using now has dldi with write support

(thx kingofnoobs

1.3 Do's and Dont's

In 1.3 we will cover what you DO and DONT DO to your n-card, this is VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION.

DO - Do PATCH your n-card as soon as new updates come out

DONT - Format your card via windows.

DO - verify the site your downloading applications is trust worthy

DONT - Attempt to patch your card through a USB hub, wont work.

1.4 Troubleshooting.

Fix!: Make sure your ds is on and N-card is in USB mode.

Fix!: make sure to format your card the way i instructed to earlier, Also, make sure your not connecting through a USB hub, this is a common problem

Fix!: Make sure your N-card has the latest firmware and your using the appropriate save types (you can change this by holdign select and pressing left or right, be weary and dont do this unneccsarily)

------Emulators On(Not OF)-----
|2.0 Why emulate? |
|2.1 Emulator Types |
|2.2 Setting it up |
|2.3 Emulator F.a.Q. |
|2.4 Emulator Trouble shooting|

2.0 Why Emulate?

Why emulate, that is a good question and because of the awnser, some may skip it. However, that same awnser is what draws an entire crowd in. The ability to carry around the game that you remember playing with your older cousins when you were no older then 7, and finnaly being able to play it and enjoy it more coheriantly.

For whatever reason, Despite the new systems of today, quite a few people still enjoy mario, sonic and our good friend kirby, but hate to see them in there cash-cow version of today, so the awnser to that my friend, is emulation :]

2.1 Emulator Types.

Due to the limited hardware of the DS, the Emulation im familar with is Sega Genesis, Nintendo Entertainment system, and Super Nintendo Entertainment system. There is an exellent thread that covers slot 1 emulators quite well, so il be refering to it quite often. Of course you can use older systems and have good effects, i pretty much cover to what i already said, snes, nes and sega genesis.

There are some sega games and snes games that are unplayable on the DS at this current time.

TO BE CONTINUED -- will try to update daily till done, trying to repair my friends n-card tonight and im totally clueless on how to repair a card that freezes at the splash screen of the ds :S


Moonshell how to guide coming soon!

DSOrganize how to guide coming soon!

Setting up emulators guide! Coming soon (emulation on the DS of other consoles, not emulation of DS on PC)

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