My Weird PSP (Brick?) Encounter

Discussion in 'PSP - Console, Accessories and Hardware' started by ingus123, Nov 27, 2013.

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    Mar 10, 2013
    Hi an hour ago (literally) I FINALLY formatted my memory card since it was corrupted (and I think it's a fake) anyway, when I fixed it, I putted my back up saves and other shtuff (not an error since in real life I say it like that just for fun and I know it's actually stuff) back inside the memory card. So when I tried playing one of my psn games I found out my psp has and infinity number of corrupted files (saves, games, pictures, etc) well there was an exception and that was the theme that loaded pretty fine. So if anyone knows what's wrong with my psp plz help (also it's the 2000 serie)
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    It's entirely possible that your memory stick was faulty and corrupted the files it stored. Does the PSP function normally without the stick? How did you format the stick?

    The proper course of action here is to put all your files on your hard drive, format the memory stick using the PSP and put the files back on it. If formatting the stick with your PSP does not yeild results, format it with your PC first and re-try formatting it with your PSP. After a successful format, put the files back on and re-check.

    If the files turn out to be corrupt then there's nothing you can do - try to salvage whatever you can file-by-file.

    If you literally can't seem to salvage anything, it may be the stick that's broken, in which case keep the backups of the files and start looking around for a new memory stick if this one corrupts your data.
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