my Review of Nintendogs French Bulldog edition

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    My Review of nintendogs+cats French Bulldog + Friends (it's probably not perfect and a bit short i am new to writing reviews)


    I think nintendo have done a really good job here but there a few glitchly area's that could have been a little better , but one area that i have found to be superb is the outside it looks so much better than the orignal versions and the inclusion of mii's instead of drawn people add's a little randomness which is always good in any game like this.

    In terms of 3D effect the depth and pop out of the whole enviroment is just outstanding and shows that regardless of negative comments on the 3DS and its lack of powerful processors it can do very good 3D , unfornatley i do think after a while it could cause a headache as your eye's are constanly trying to readapt as the dog moves around.

    Overall i will give the graphics a better than most reviews of 9.0 out of 10

    Sound Quality & microphone

    This one area that i have seen an automatic improvement , the sound is fine it does not feel rubbish or weak its just right and the microphone is a huge amount more senstive than the orignal game so much infact i have managed to get my dog to respond every single time she was called even though my voice changes very slightly.

    Great Job nintendo.

    Overall sound quality / Microphone has to be a 9.0 it is just so much better than the orignal games.


    not much has changed here nintendo seem to have kept it very close to the orignal games which is fine as it is still super easy to use and navigate.

    Overall it gets a 8.0 for interface i would like to have seen something a little different or maybe different styling.

    Load times

    Really good does and not laggy.


    9.5 out of 10 for this

    Ease of use

    Really easy , a child could do everything really easily.

    10 out of 10

    I think that is about it

    if you can think of anything i have not added please feel to post , this is my first ever review so it's probably hopeless !.