My OEM Wireless Bluetooth controller SIXAXIS for PS3 review :)

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    I got a couple of other Items to test with my ds cards........

    I also got a ... OEM Wireless Bluetooth controller SIXAXIS for PS3 with Dual Shock

    Here's My review ...

    note:- (LOTS OF IMAGES to follow so dial up users BEWARE may take some time loading!!!)

    First some screen shots ......

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Unboxing the OEM Wireless Bluetooth controller SIXAXIS for PS3 with Dual Shock It looks pretty much the same as a

    real PS3 Dual Shock pad with the only visable part thats different is the PS Button its just clear with a white


    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Some more pics ...

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    OK so now on with the review ....

    For this test I will be using My PS3 and various games ... Lair and Pain and Motostorm these games can use the

    Shock and SIXAXIS functions in these games ....

    Turned the pad on with the PS button as normal and it found the PS3 straight away and allocated as slot 1 so good


    I started with LAIR as it has a lot of SIXAXIS movement for the controls for moving the Dragons fighting (jerking the pad

    left and right to knock them out of the sky and stomping and swiping on the ground.)

    Result works great just like a normal SIXAXIS controller no issues works fine with Lair.

    Tested with Motostorm next as this has BOTH shock and SIXAXIS function and control.

    Result works great rumbles like real Dual Shock 3 and again SIXAXIS works good ...although It failed to make me a

    better player (Although Maby thats just me and not the controller lol! )

    Tested with PAIN this also has SIXAXIS control you have to shake it to give you the Super ooch move..

    Result works and plays with this game fine ...

    Note all other functions such as L1/R1/L2/R2 the DPAD and the Triangle Circle Square and X also work fine when

    tested as do the L3 and R3 stick buttons as well as both analogue sticks work fine .. and to make sure the buttons

    work 100% I connected it to the PC with the PS3 usb cable and checked with the pad properties and all buttons light

    up as working and the sticks centre and move around fine in the test windows!

    Also tried fitting my SONY usb keypad to it and it fits great just as it does on the real Shock pad

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    MY SCORES ON THE DOORS for the Wireless Bluetooth controller SIXAXIS for PS3 with Dual Shock are ..

    8 out of 10

    My overall view on this pad its good works exactly how it should It does feel slightly lighter than the real Sony DUAL

    SHOCK 3 controller but not a big issue.... It still works just as good as a real one [​IMG]

    For an alternative PS3 Shock controller this one's not its bad added to this its cheaper than the real thing! [​IMG]

    price .... is around £22,49 GBP ($31,86USD) (€24,99 EU) Other places may vary in price.. But delivery may take


    Note these are MY VIEWS THOUGHTS and images etc yours may differ along with other reviewers!
    lastly ....thanks goto ..


    as they are an official distributor for Europe of the OEM Wireless Bluetooth controller SIXAXIS for PS3 with Dual

    Shock (Wholesale prices are available) [​IMG]

    Thanks for supplying my review sample cheers guys!

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    Nice review. Will save me a bit of cash now down the road knowing that the 3rd party controllers aren't just pieces of junk. [​IMG]
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    Now to wait for them to flood ebay to hopefully snag one at a lower price.