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    Dec 3, 2013

    My name is Daniel a.k.a. Dnilo, Pixel artist.

    First of all I have always enjoyed Localhorst86's EZflat skin, used it for years.

    But lately with the release of the 2.0 kernel, I decided to give it a shot and make a skin using the "EZ4_v1.76_Skin_v2+Builder_by_draxoon", however I still don't know how to adjust text spacing and/or fonts, hence, I can't release a packed kernel.

    If anyone here could give me a hand with that I would really appreciate it.

    In the meantime, I have attached the BMP files with the work I have done so far.. (some unused icons remain from the EZflat skin that Localhorst86 kindly lent to test, which I still think are not visible anywhere while running the EZflash IV.)

    P.S. I might change coloring too, to separate this design from the cool EZFlat from Localhorst86, and if I'm able to adjust text and file selection color I will make more skins for everyone!

    Logo.png Screen.png

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