My (first) Blog Thing


the Scarecrow
Oct 11, 2007
Gold Coast, Australia
Well i decided to post a blog, this is like my first ever blog aswell so yeah.

Anyways i have been holidays for the last say 3-4 weeks and yeah. Well just wanted to say that these last 3-4 weeks have been crap here in Australia. Been like always raining non-stop which is gay because then i cant ride my bike, which is what i love doing. I BMX by the way. And when the weather has been nice i had to work so yeah i just cant win.

Anyways well i got my learners permit not long ago so i can 'legally' drive a car now. Which i was really happy about it. And for Christmas i bought my self my first car and my parents got me a PS3 possibly the best Christmas i have had in a while. Oh i also got some socks and a sandwhich maker which is soemthing i really wanted aswell.

Well my car is a Daihatsu Charade, blue in colour and yeah. Starts first time and good mileage. Fucking petrol is so expensive
. And it generally goes good. I recently bought a sound system for it aswell, yet to install that. Anwyays to my PS3. Well i just want to say to all those people that never have tried it or played it and say its crap. Well you are wrong. I was one of those people that said 'Why the hell do you want a PS3 there gay, Wii's are better' But now since i own one, i have been converted now. Simply put the PS3 owns all. That is all to it. It does everything. I dont want to start a fanboy war here i just stating my opinion. And now my i havent played my Wii in about 2-3 months even though i bought Super Mario Galaxy i have only got something like 40 stars. And yeah my Wii is just sitting ther collecting dust now, thinking of selling it acatully.

Well i bought CoD4 for the PS3 aswell and zomg its fucking amzaing. I downloaded CoD4 for my PC and completed the single played that was amazing. But i really wanted to play Online and since i pirated the game that wasnt an option. And with my new PS3 i had completed the games that came bundled with it so i went out and bought CoD4 purely for the multiplayer. I am yet to touch the singleplayer on it but the CoD4 online play is far superior to anything i have played before. It just owns simply put.

I am currently at level 45 (havent gone prestige yet) and i am loving it. Allthough i have bone to pick with who ever designed the lobby system, it sucks monkeys ass, i hate it. Something like the Resistance lobby system would have been perfect. But ohwell. And Ifinity Ward, FFS buy some Australian servers or Oceanic at least. Im sick of playing with Americans and having to listen to them talk about jack all and then get owned by them becasue of my lag and all those English people that play aswell, i dont fucking understand what you are saying aswell and FFS stop fucking coughing and burping into the headset i dont need to hear that and dont have conversations either about random shit.. (No offence to you americans and english people of course)

But yeah you know buy/download whatever it takes play CoD4 regradless of what system you have it so cool.

For anyone else who has a PS3 and CoD4 my PSN is : enigmaindex

Add me and i'll have private match with you or soemthing.

Anways fuck this is long for my first blog, but oh well i doubt anyone would read it anyways. Haha. Laters take care and all

Oh one more thing since this year is my last year of school ever, i also booked my schoolies room hehe. Going to be some epic shit happening.

I also downloaded Cloverfield. Do NOT go and pay to see this movie, it is fucking crap.

Anyways take care going to bed tis almsot midnight now.

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