my 3ds locks if I use sleep mode while in game

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    Apr 20, 2007
    Im gw user and I stopped playing on my 3ds some months ago. With some games coming up soon Im going to use it back again. But for some reason , if I close the console WHILE ITS IN THE GAME ( If I go to home menu even without closing the game it doesnt happen) , when I open it up back again the console doesnt get back on , the screens dont even light up ( the led is blue still) . What can be the problem?

    I left Bravely second on before stopping playing and I checked it once in a while when not playing and there didnt seem to be a problem. Of course what I did when I planned to start again playing the console was update to latest gw firmware and update emunand to last version.

    There isnt a single problem besides of that