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    Hi guys, I'm a bit confused about multiplayer with PassMe and FlashMe. I've got 2 DSs, one with a DS-X and one with a Supercard SD, both with FlashMe installed. Singlecard Download Play works fine (since they both bypass the RSA encryption). But I'm having issues with Multicard play. All games I've tried (including my backups of True Swing Golf, New Super Mario Bros, Fifa 09 although this had to be arm9 patched for the DS-X) don't work.

    From what I've heard, multicard should work no matter what, and people have issues with Download Play. Is this right and should I be expecting these problems?
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    Oct 18, 2008
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    well i have an R4 & i have never had a single problem with it maybe it's the flash cards you have & they just don't support multiplayer [​IMG]
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    Sometimes you get that problem if you use the same save file on two cartridges.

    If you have copied a save from one card to another, delete one of the saves and make a completely new save on that cartridge.