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    I would have posted this as a suggestion, but i guess it feels more like a question since it porbably has to be a group discussion. Since you know there is a game review section, i know this site is more of the games but there is other discussions here besides games so i just wanna know why not? Well maybe cause spoilers i guess? But is a review, someone has to watch it, and know what is going on to know what limits to set so they don't ruin it. I mean it just depends on how is done right? I'm not really a perfessional review commentator or anything, i can do it my own way. But I guess is better to discuss if is worth looking into. :unsure:
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    It has been discussed before and it was decided the forum section linked was the right place for it. Stuff will be weighted towards games (be it game to film or films about games and related topics) but we are not opposed to posting a nice review/discussion the portal either.