monster hunter genarations help

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  1. draGonboy89

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    Aug 15, 2016
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    hello I got zeld oot today and got homebrew working, used jksm to grab system data and used apm save editor. Well I thought I could edit a status weapon value to insta paralize/sleep/poision the monsters but found out it dosen't work that way is there another editor I can't seem to find using the search function that can do this?
  2. x06xpower

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    Jul 20, 2016
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    no , no more 24k status weapon to insta para/poison/sleep the monsters , it's not possible anymore in this game. the closest thing is the ntr cheat that insta para the monster with trigger button but that require cfw , which you don't have.
    so things like 24k status weapon, infinite item in pouch glitch, armor/charm with ridiculous skills that can be achieve with access to homebrew/save editing are not possible in this game anymore.
    Only Ntr can change attack value, inf.pouch, etc. in this game, no more save editing