MOGA Controllers

Discussion in 'Android' started by LightyKD, May 12, 2015.

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    Within a two week period I picked up a MOGA Pocket and MOGA Hero Power. Both controllers are great with emulators, nice, small and comfortable. The pocket lacks a d-pad and analog triggers. The Hero Power comes with all the fixings you'd expect from a 360 controller but depending on your phone, it can be a bitch to setup. My Hero Pro took three hours for me to find a connection solution. Overall I love my Power Hero and my wife enjoys the MOGA Pocket. Anyone else here, using a MOGA?
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    No but I was going to get one once.
    Currently I use a ps3 controller on my rooted phone(basically is a gaming system for me) and my new phone as controller on my tab(via BT and the touch controls work well enough since I have more screen space and it works good on RPGs )
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    I wouldn't call it one of the best gamepads but it's pretty good for several games although I just use a keyboard and mouse for FPS on my Android.