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    I used GCReEx to extract the iso's for both Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II v1.01, and v1.2. They're identical, minus a few files.

    Version 1.2 is the "Plus" version. Which includes some bug fixes, and it also added extra items and missions (that were once only available in the online mode) to the offline mode.

    I'd definitely like to be able to play those extra missions, but currently v1.2 doesn't work on DIOS MIOS. So I've been desperately started moving files around in a lame attempt to get the iso working. I thought the idea was pretty clever. :P But it didn't work.

    I took the "root" and "sys" folder from v1.2 and swapped the PSOv3.dol (from the root folder) with the one from v1.01.. I also did this with the main.dol inside the "sys" folder. This is just one example of some of the files I moved around. The idea was, that since DIOS MIOS worked with v1.01, that maybe I could trick it into thinking that it was booting up v1.01. Then once the game started it would recognize the files from v1.2 because it would see the "fst.bin" from v1.2.

    Swapping the dol's would leaving me hanging on a black screen. But it sounded like the Wii was actually trying to make it work. Which is different than what normally happens when running v1.2, where the screen goes black then after a short time the disc read error screen pops up.

    Please realize that I have no real idea how GC iso files operate. But I figured there was no harm in moving things around and experimenting.

    I was hoping you guys could give me more insight on what's going on between these two games that makes DIOS MIOS treat them differently. And if there's a way to possibly modify the iso's so that v1.2 works on DIOS MIOS.

    Thanks :)
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