modding COD MWR with mod menu download link :D

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by OmaR IslaM, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. OmaR IslaM

    OmaR IslaM Member

    Sep 19, 2013
    requirments :
    1- download the zip from here:

    2-the iso file of the game ( call of duty modern warfare reflex ) (there is the torrent in the zip)
    and you can download torrent files from utorrent program you can download uttorent from :

    3- the mod menus .ff files(in the zip)

    4- trucha signer (in the zip)

    5- wbfs manager you can download it from here if you don't have it :

    installation :

    1- open trucha signer

    2- you will see 4 menus ( image , verify , select keyset , help )

    3-before you do any thing in trucha you must be sure that you open ( select keyset ) menu and choose ( custom keyset 1) .

    4- open the ( image ) menu and choose open iso .

    5- then choose the modern warfare reflex iso that you download from the torrent or the one you have .

    6- you will see the file ( disc (RJAP52) ) and beside it (+) button click it .

    7- you will see ( partation (RJAP52) ) and beside it (+) button click it .

    8- you will see files and two folder one folder is ( ROOT ) and beside it (+) button click it .

    9- you will see allot of files and folders , search for the folder named ( english ) and beside it (+) button click it .

    10- in the ( english folder please search for these two files (code_post_gfx_mp.ff) and (common_level_temp_mp.ff)

    11- the you minimize trucha signer and you will find these two files in the zip you downloaded (code_post_gfx_mp)
    and (common_level_temp_mp) .

    12- then open trucha signer and on these two files right click on them then extract to a file in your computer for dangers if any thing happen you can get it back to it's original state .

    13- after you extract them you are ready to replace them , go to trucha signer to the file (code_post_gfx_mp.ff) and click on it right click ther choose replace then choose the file you download it (code_post_gfx_mp)

    14- then go to the another file (common_level_temp_mp.ff) and right click on it then press replace with the dowbloaded file (common_level_temp_mp) .

    15- then go up to the file named ( partation (RJAP52) ) and right click on it then choose ( trucha sign it ! ).
    then from the image menu choose ( close iso ) then close the program and open ( wbfs manager if you have it or download it from the link above then put an usb and choose it from the ( wbfs ) and click format and be sure you take every thing in it because it will be deleted.

    16- after you format it , choose it and press load it will open at the bottom right you will see an icon says (browse) then choose the iso file of the game , then press add to drive . wait untill it finish put it into your wii then open (usb loader gx) or ( neo gamma ) , open the game COD moddern warfare reflex the go to th private match to learn the hack , tf you want to see the controls please go to the file ( controls .txt ) in the same downloaded zip :D . thank you .
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