Modbo 4.0 Problem

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    Hey guys, I recently got a PS2 off ebay to mod, as I was looking for a cheap region free DVD player to take to college with me. I got it the other day and threw in a Modbo that I had lying around from a while ago. It worked great for a day or two, but then I was constantly getting the RSoD. I took the PS2 apart again, moved the chip, and shortened up all the wires, as well as made them neater (no crossing and such). I put it back together and hey, what do you know, seemed to work fine. After a while I reset the PS2 to switch games, and the matrix logo doesn't show up, just goes straight to the Sony boot up sequence and menu. After this I had to reset it a few times before I could get the matrix splash screen again (the chip wouldn't work at all WITHOUT the splash screen loading, so it was the chip itself, not just the splash screen). After I get it to show up again it seems to work fine for a while until I would let the console sit idle for a while (on but red light). After that I would have the same problem. This isn't that consistent however, as sometimes I can boot it up and it will work perfectly, but other times it will go through this same pattern... working, not working, then working again. I have checked all my connections, re-soldered them, multiple times. I have installed the same chips before and have never had any issues... my personal slim PS2 works fine and has the same exact chip.

    Does anyone know what wires in particular could be causing this? CX maybe? Everything going to the bios chip is extremely short and not crossing. If not, could this be a problem with the chip? Any ideas/suggestions would be great, thanks.

    If it helps, my setup for the system is as follows:
    Model - SCPH-30001
    Chip - Modbo 4.0
    HDD - 200 GB Seagate w/ ATAD patching