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    I recently discovered Youtube 3D videos and saw a section for video games. Among them was Mirrors Edge. The 3D doesn't work too well but it made me think if they were to port it over to the 3DS or even make a sequel or spin-off, that the added depth would really add to the immersion of that game. I mean, the whole point of the game is that depth of immersion. It would only make sense that 3D would work so well with it.

    I would really like to see this. Maybe they could make use of the camera. What do you guys think?
  2. granville

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    I could see the game being cool on 3DS. I haven't ever played it, but it looks kind of fun. And you're right, the 3d effect would be beautiful for this one.

    The issue will end up being the fact that the original game is running on the Unreal Engine 3. Epic does not want to support the 3DS with their engine. Or they can't (according to them). Their claim is that the 3DS isn't powerful enough to support it. Supposedly though, it's due to the 3DS supporting fixed preprogrammed shaders or something and they don't want to alter their engine to support this. I'm unsure how it works or what sort of information is correct in this case. But at any rate, if Mirror's Edge were made on 3DS, they would have to develop a new engine for it to run on, or use a different one. Unless Epic got their engine to run on 3DS.
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    It'd be kinda hard to make it feel just right on a hand held, seeing as it was originally meant for mouse+keyboard, but if anyone can do it it's Nintendo.

    I'd like to see this if it was done right, otherwise DO NOT WANT.
  4. awssk8er

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    I think it would work fine. I haven't played the game much, but analog for movement, touchscreen for aiming, and L-button for actions would probably work(?).
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    It would be a great concept, but as Granville says there are issues (although I think Epic Games were talking out of their arse considering the 3DS can easily handle MT Framework, which is being used for SSFIV3D). One that isn't mentioned is the fact that EA flat out turned down the opportunity to make a sequel. Which means they have no intention of porting or sequel-making for Mirror's Edge. Which is a major pain, since the game itself was actually pretty fun.
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    I'd buy it [​IMG]