Microsoft 1600 points card - help plz.

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  1. Hermessz

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    Sep 16, 2007
    Hi, because no support for my country at xbox, I wanna buy a points card, and I found a really good store selling 1600 points card.
    anyway, i heard that points card work only for the certain region of the Live account, and i don't know what region is my Xbox Live account (because it didnt ask for any state or something)
    the store told me that if the code isnt working due to region problems, I won't be able to return and exchange for another region code (I can buy either european code or american code).
    I bought my xbox @ HK, so the region of the console itself should be PAL or NTSC-J.
    The state the xbox is configured with is UK.
    Anyway, you guys know what region my code should be in order to work on my Live Account? And how can I identify what is the region configed on my Live account?
    Thanks in advance.