Homebrew MelonDS Switch Won't Run My Game - Please HELP? [FIXED]

HinaNaru Cutie

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Aug 29, 2014
idk anymore..I feel like traveling lol
Edit: I found a file shared by a youtuber named grabman, and what he shared was a fixed version of the emulator, and it worked - idk what the heck was making the game crash, all I can speculate is that it might've been the newest update of melonds. But I am glad it works :>

So i went to update the melonds files because it wouldn't run any of my ds roms at all, when i did what i had to do to make it run faster - it started to work..except for the fact that it won't run certain games, it's just two games that don't work which are; style savvy, and Mario & luigi partners in time, that's about it. i assumed that - hey let me just redownload the game or change the files name, maybe that's what's causing the problem here but i was wrong -_-...it still makes the file crash..doesn't even want to run it.

i then went on to delete the bios files that i download from a website that just has the dumps for them - the ds bios ones, with the firmware all intact, sigh after doing that i thought that maybe if i download them directly from the source - the Wikipedia thingie website, pretty sure ya'll know the one i am referring to - it would work....dead wrong -_-"...so here i am asking for some help please... i don't know what i am doing wrong here Q_Q

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