melonDS for Android has reached Beta status

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Beta Version of melonDS Android has been released.

melonDS Android has reached Beta!
This means that its feature set and performance is now acceptable, from my point of view, to be used on a daily basis.
However, there are still major features missing for a proper release.
This release brings the latest melonDS developments, which offers major performance improvements due to the efforts of the PC version dev team. So go give them a hug!

Before you update!
This version starts to lay the foundations for major storage changes coming to Android.
As such, you will be asked to select the directories of your BIOS, ROMs and save files again.
Also, device-wide ROM scanning is no longer supported. You have to choose the directory in which you placed your ROMs.
If you have ROMs in multiple directories, choose the most common parent directory and they will be searched recursively.
On the bright side, you should now be able to load ROMs from your SD card.


  • Uses melonDS 0.9.1 as the base
  • DSi support (you will need your BIOS, firmware and NAND files)
  • JIT support (on 64 bit devices, which should bring substantial performance benefits)
  • Threaded rendering (brings some considerable performance improvements)
  • Improved audio quality (or maybe it's all placebo. You tell me)
  • External storage support (I couldn't test this extensively. Let me know if anything goes wrong)
  • Microphone input support (the mic will always be listening while running a game. I will add a toggle eventually)
  • Minor bug fixes
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