Megaman 2&3: 2P co-op


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Jan 19, 2009
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Lots of people go through the trouble of editing sprites or whatever in megaman, sonic, and mario, yet nobody ever seems interested to play them. But someone is turning F-Zero for the snes into a 2P game. And they are successful at it. Check it out: (just news and videos, this is not a link to a rom). Even the guy who is working on Mario Fusion (I'm sure many have heard of it) - he is another one who is very successful at it. It is popular and many want to play his game. These people think outside the box.

Why hasn't someone made Megaman 2P? And I don't mean like super mario where you take turns. I mean co-op like contra. Think about it, a color swap of the Blue bomber. Leave all the game music, sounds, enemies, and stages alone, just make 1st player is Red megaman, and 2nd player is green megaman. The greatest megaman games of all time shared with your friends.....

AND any turn-based or co-op 2P game (nes, snes) can be played and shared with a friend online through Kaillera.

This idea is better than any of these titles below. Think of how many Megaman fans there are. - most of the sequencers there love megaman more than any other game.

And nobody has thought of this but me?????????????
Think of how many 1Player games would be even awesomer 2Players. Come on someone....

LOOK AT these fake megaman titles below you can play:
Megaman - Wily's Conquest V0.46 by Clomax Dominion
Megaman 1977
Megaman 9 Demo 1 NTSC
Megaman 9 Demo 1 PAL
Megaman 9 Demo 2 NTSC
Megaman 9 Demo 2 PAL
Megaman Alpha
Megaman Bad Hair Day
Megaman by Googie
Megaman Double Team 3
Megaman EX V1.0 by The Elite Hacking Force
Megaman II - The Revenge of the Eight Robot Masters
Megaman II Remix
Megaman II Semi Evil
Megaman III Challenge Stage 1
Megaman III Enhanced
Megaman in Icarus World
Megaman in the Mushroom Kingdom
Megaman IV - Gadget Master
Megaman Jet Demo by Chris Covell
Megaman NEO
Megaman Plus 3
Megaman Plus by Hyper MM Z
Megaman Plus V1.0 by Clomax Dominion
Megaman Showdown I
Megaman Showdown VI
Megaman UDX
Megaman Ultra
Megaman V Debug
Megaman V Fly by Matrixz
Megaman V Random Palette by Matrixz
Megaman V Remix by Matrixz
Megaman V Showdown by Matrixz
Megaman V Time Attack V0.311 by Matrixz
Megaman Vortex Old Demo ReReleased
Megaman Wily's Conquest 2 v0.71b

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