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Dec 9, 2015
United States
This movie is an Amazon Prime exclusive
starring Steven Yuen from The Walking Dead, Conan O'Brien skits, and Samara Weaving from the Netflix exclusive The Babysitter

I went into to this film not seeing any trailer, never hearing about and stumbled upon it by accident. I saw that it starred Steven yuen and thought why not...

Going in the only thing I worried about was the acting depth of both Steven and Samara, would this movie be bad? Can an Asian man successfully be a lead? Will the acting be bad from both main characters? How will this movie affect both career arcs? (I'm a fan of glens character however his role was deminishing in TWD, and the babysitter was actually a decent movie too) well...

Two STARS are born! Man, worries lifted. I enjoyed this film very much, I'm not much for profanity but the premise of the movie actually makes the profanity work. The acting is superb, I was worried that both performers would be stale by acting only in one tone (twilight series) but man was I wrong, both can accurately deliver every emotion to very high standards of acting. I had a smile the whole way after the first part. And yes, Steven can very well play a lead role. John Bernthals performance as The Punisher is very good too.

I recommend any gamer to watch this film. you'll be presently surprised how good it is.
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