May need to reinstall IOS files...

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by FireEmblemGuy, Apr 5, 2009.

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    After putting my Wii back together, sans power to DVD drive, I couldn't help but notice the HBC took a while to load up, and that it took the cIOS Downgrader and 4.0 Upgrader an ungodly long time to install the files it needed. Afterwards, I tried using the USB loader, getting an "Error has occured, eject disc, see manual" etc. message about 30 seconds after trying to launch a disc. I assumed it was just because the Wii was able to see the DVD drive was there, but the drive had no power(I'm not really sure if power is really needed for the USB loader to work).

    So I go back to the menu and try launching a WiiWare game. It brings up the Play/Back screen, banner, and sound, but on loading I get a 30 second time-out and the same message. After just about every other channel does this, save for the Mii(got the same error during use, though) and Photo channels, I assume part of the system memory is corrupted. Since the HBC works fine, and I seem to be able to copy my saves and channels fine, I have o believe it' just the IOS files that are bad, but then wouldn't I get a "System files are corrupt" message?

    The Photo channel was just installed, and so it might be the channels that were there previously that are a problem. I doubt that's the case, and I don't have an SD reader on me to load a new WAD to install to check with, so I can't test that theory. For now, I'd like to know if it's possible(and how to, if so) to reinstall all the IOS files quickly/efficiently, which seems like a pain in the ass, but if it's not those it may just be that the Wii's internal memory went all to hell, and I'll just have to buy an as-is Wii and swap my drive into it.