WIP Mario's Bizarre vBuck Addiction

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    Mario's Bizarre vBuck Addiction

    Hey fellow kids! Want a cringey, awful Odyssey mod? No? Too bad, here.

    This mod changes a few of the games objects to be related to Fortnite or some other dead meme.
    Some things that have changed include:
    Game Changes
    Here are some screenshots:

    There are a few edits that are included as an optional package because they are more gameplay changing, and will crash the game on a post-game save. If you use the optional edits, start a new game before running it.

    This is a WIP, so bugs are expected. Also, much more will be added, I'm new to modding this game.
    I plan to add music mods, model mods, and more. Leave suggestions and whatnot in the comments or contact me on discord at ElijahZAwesome#6933

    Download: https://gamebanana.com/wips/49086
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    under your desk
    This is the romhack nobody asked for but deep down knew they needed.

    shame on you for reviving loss
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    f u c k i n g l o s s