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  1. Scorpin200

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    Jan 14, 2006
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    This looks to be a new series like mario kart first was with different kinds of events and levels, and is working fine on m3 with 4x plus no trim. Im not sure about the jap one but this has english voices, and some text in english as well. [​IMG]
  2. jgu1994

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    I don't think so. This is called mario and sonic AT THE OLYMPICS. The Olympics happen every 4 years, so even at best there would be one game per two years. Also, this was made to commemorate beijing Olympics. No one would make another game if it was in like greece.
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    You're not making sense.

    I'm interpreteting your post as:

    This game looks like a new series, like Mario Kart, which had different events and levels. (What? Mario Kart has racing and battles, which always were there and will always continue.)

    Mario Kart is working fine on the Slot-2 m3 adaptor with 4x and no trim (Thank you, but no one cares)

    I'm not sure about the Japanese version of [I don't get what game you're on about now, I'll assume Mario and Sonic] But it has English voices and Text. (Yes, we all know.)

    Use punctuation, and we'll e able to understand you.