Mario Kart is not stable for me.

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    Nov 19, 2009
    Core problem: one in every 3 races i get a black screen instead of a starting race. Only way to recover from this black screen is to unplug the power form the wii. Original game dvd works fine, backup version hangs. The games normally starts fine, just that once very 3(??) i get a black screen.... sometimes.

    How do i solve these black screens of hang?

    My system:

    I am running a new wii with system menu 4.0e on it.

    After running the softmode guide i discovered that it could not read any DVD-R discs (read error 1101 no disk)

    Neogamma 7 with ios 249 (rev 14) works fine with 54 out of 60 games when loading from a WD usb 1 TB hard disk so i assume it is installed correctly.

    I also tried hermes 222 with wii flow, there i get the same hang, about every 3th or 4 startup of a grand prix race.

    option in neogamma seem to make no difference ,video/region is working anyway
    Thied with networking disabled and with networking, no differneces.

    according to

    mario kart topic here

    there are not tricks to this game. It works or not.

    I tried different images, no difference.

    There is only one reference there to the black screen is when you try to install the channel. I did install the channel with the original disk, but this makes no difference for the hang at the start of the race.

    How can i find out what it is trying to do when it hangs? are there any other way to debug this? Any debug option i could try?
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    never unplug the power from your wii.
    instead hold the power button for 4 seconds until the red light shows.

    if you have the original, then make a dump with any USB loader to ensure you have a good dump.