Hardware Mapping back paddles to buttons from the other joycon


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Dec 4, 2016
United Kingdom
TL;DR: map the screenshot button to e.g. A in System Settings, then assign the back paddle to the screenshot button.

I mostly use my Xbox Elite controller to play Switch games, using a Brook Xone converter. The best feature is the remappable back paddles, which I have as A & B on the left and X and Y on the right. I have Binbok joycons and use them if I want a more relaxed arm position. However, they only have one back button on each side, and you can't map it to a button from the other side, as the joycons don't talk to each other, only the console directly. The Hori Split Pad Pro also has this limitation.

I saw a comment on a video today that points out the solution. It's obvious in hindsight. The Switch's system settings lets you remap pretty much any button on the joycons, so I can have the screenshot button on the left joycon instead function as A. And I can then map the paddle on the left controller to the screenshot button, which is now A.

Comment from early December:
Emmanuel Torres
To use the left joycon with the A,B,X and Y buttons you will need to go to the remapping menu in the switch and map the button you want to the screen capture button. The down side to this is that you will be losing the screen capture option, but that's just personal preference.
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