1. pedimaisum

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    May 20, 2010

    Friends, today I bring the world's most awkward tutorial, but I think that may be useful to many as it was for me when I did that ugly accessory by myself.

    What happens is this: I wanted to buy the game original (and new) Nerf N-Strike Elite and I was short of money and although I had money, they are not in stores here. What I did then was to buy the game from second hand without the gun, because the Wiimote can be used as any shooter on Rails game. What I don't knew was that in many parts of the game to look at the codes to get extra items, or know where to shoot, we must look at the red lens that comes with the gun.

    I decided to produce my own lens to attach in the Wiimote without spending anything. Was very ugly, but 100% practical and functional

    Then I leave the picture guide below the walkthrough (with pictures of the result) and the tutorial for friends with the game, but do not have the Nerf gun, to fully benefit from the game.

    A - What you need:
    1) Hard Paper (like the box of the remedies or the box of matches)
    2) A Scissor
    3) Glue
    4) red cellophane paper


    B - How to make:

    a) Cut the paper in the format 5x8,5 cm.
    b) Make two rectangular holes, one above and one below in the format of each 3,5x2cm.
    c) Cut the cellophane covering one of the holes in the width and height
    d) Pass the glue on the edges of the hole was chosen as the lens and paste the cellophane.
    e) Cut the extra cellophane of the edges for your beautiful lens
    f) Fix the hole without cellophane on the front of your Wiimote, so that the red lens stays up.

    Well, now you can play your game fully [​IMG]

    Easter Egg: In the credits of the game, give shots in the names of all developers to the end, because then you get bonus to play.

    Edit: My wife helped in the construction "project" of the device (believe me, only I can't to do lol)

    See ya!
  2. Slimmmmmm

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    Nov 1, 2007
    Unique, superb and I love it [​IMG]
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